Tulum Yoga: 10 Breathtaking Yoga Shalas Deep Into The Jungle

Of course you can practice asana and meditation on your beloved mat, cramped somewhere between the couch and the coffee table on your tiny living room floor. You can still focus on your breath at your favourite yoga studio, despite all the dog barkings and car alarms. You can find the much needed stillness in mind and body on an alpine yoga retreat. You can even ground yourself between the park trees. Yet nothing compares to practicing yoga on and off the mat in Tulum. Tulum yoga is definitely a one of  kind experience.

A fishermen’s village turned literally over night in one of the most sought off destinations when it comes to spiritual practices like yoga. Tulum offers tens of yoga studios and shalas. Depending on the budget and preferences, you will find the right place for your practice. Yet, this turns out to be a pretty difficult task, as Tulum yoga offers tens studios and shalas. So we selected 10 spots where you should spread your mat the next time you visit Tulum.

Qualia Tulum: more like a hub and temporary residence for travelers, healers and nomad artists, Qualia is located in the heart of the Mayan jungle, some 10 miles away from Tulum city. Among the spartan yet cozy accomodation, Qualia has a beautiful outdoor yoga shala, a place where you can literally ground yourself to the Earth’s energies.


Yoga Shala Tulum has built its phylosophy around yoga practice. Very close to the beach, yet surrounded by trees, Yoga Shala offers the opportunity to reconnect with nature and yourself. You can even sleep under the stars 🙂 Mornings and evenings are reserved for various yoga classes, from Ashtanga and Vinyasa to Hatha Yoga and Kundalini.


Nomade Tulum takes the barefoot luxury concept further with some amazing accomodations and a wide range of workshops, retreats, healing sessions and therapies, all rooted in the mystic enery of Tulum’s sacred gournd. Yogis are welcomed with a wooden deck surrounded by lush vegetation.


Hotel Cabanas Tulum keeps our yoga practice close to the beach. Imagine you can immerse into your daily meditation practice, with the sea breeze and the sound of the waves to keep you connected with the present moment. The shala’s hard floor is flexible enough to make your asana practice confortable.


Jungle Keva Tulum. We discovered a few weeks ago the whole story of Jungle Keva, with all the struggles and blissful moments. Built with respect for the environment and promoting the ecological awareness, Jungle Keva offers an intimate yoga shala, very Tulum yoga: simple, well aired, offering the perfect setup for the peace of mind.


Ikal Chit Need some extra mystical boost to recharge your intuitive Self through your Ajna chakra? Then you have to take your yoga practice close to the Mayan ruins. This is where you’ll find Ikal Hotel and an amazing beachfront deck transformed into an outdoor yoga shala, with its design resembling a place for ancient Mayan rituals. Perfect for your Tulum yoga practice.


Azulik Hotel is built with the concept of reconnecting your mind, spirit and body with one of life’s basic elements: water. Azulik’s organic shapes combine the mystic energy of Tulum with the presence of water all over the compound, be it on the small paths between the villas or on the Mayan tubs. Yoga is a vital part of the Azulik phylosophy so their shala screams Tulum yoga, manifested in one of the most jaw dropping ways possible.


Harmony Yoga Tulum is, at least for our tastes, the perfect compromise between comfort and a close encounter with Mother Earth. You can opt for a bell tent that provides all you need to get a good rest to recharge your body. As for the Tulum yoga experience, the Harmony shala, featuring their simple mandala logo on the floor, is the perfect charging station with clean, green energy from the jungle.


Ahau Tulum is yet another example of a human habitat without intervening in nature’s fragile equilibrium. Almost all guest houses have direct access to a white beach. Staying at Ahau won’t be a dry tourist experience: you become part of the community where yoga principles play an important role. The yoga space is practically hugging a tree, who will watch over your practice in silence: this is what Tulum yoga is all about.


Sanara, a luxury eco boutique hotel located on Tulum Beach, was created based on the idea of reconnecting its guests with the present moment. No unnecessary decorations, just the plain essentials, like the hand crafted dreamcatchers that guard every room. As for the Tulum yoga sensations, the shala comes equipped with a mind bending view of the sunrise: the perfect setup for 108 Surya Namaskar every morning 🙂

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