The Other 3 Reasons You Must Come To Tulum In This Lifetime

Each and every one of us has his own perception about a tropical paradise. Maybe it looks like a white sandy beach with palm trees, scattered here and there. Maybe it’s a sailing boat in the middle of calm turqoise waters. Maybe it is mezcal infused nights surrounded by perfectly tanned bodies, seeking to find the perfect companion for this perfect place. 

We actually saw tens of different perceptions, as we wandered through Tulum during our private tours or running from place to place to perform our daily property management routines. There’re quite a few stories to tell, some of them strictly related to the glam image you see it on instagram, some of them both weird and uplifiting, yet all the people we met come in Tulum for a reason. We won’t go to the obvious ones, we come with a short list of reasons why Tulum stands out of the huge list of places we call tropical paradises.


The vibe of one of the greatest civilizations on Earth


Exploring the Mayan culture across the Yucatan Peninsula gave us access to that mystic Mayan vibe, hard to describe in words, that kind of vibe you have to experience on your own. The remains of the Mayan Empire are like a huge time machine that sends you back a few thousand years. It’s more than checking in with a selfie, having a pyramid in the background. It’s listening in silence to the jungle and its ancient warriors.



The unique local flavours tasted in secret recipes

Photo: co.conamor

When it comes to food, Tulum’s tourist traps do not even look like tourist traps, it’s just a contained image of what you think you want to eat on the Carribean side of Mexico. You have to know someone that knows someone to taste the genuine Tulum gourmet. We counted twenty different ways of adding avocado into any type of dish and we had the chance to eat some mind blowing recipes, made up by people who are directly connected into Tulum’s vibe. 



The instant feeling of grounding yourself into the present moment

Away from the expensive jungle ashrams, dressed in New Age colors, there are a few spots in Tulum where you can experience the divine within the present moment. And the beauty of this single moment where you are truly alive stays in the diversity. It can be the waves anchoring yourself into a tiny beach, hidden from everyone’s sight, it can be your heartbeat synchronizing with the turtles as your diving buddies, it can be just doing nothing for countless sunny hours.

What’s you favourite place that grounds you into the present? Maybe it’s time to sink your bare feet into Tulum’s sands 😉

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