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Glamping In Tulum Has That Lost Paradise Feeling

There is one thing with connecting with nature from your 4 stars junior suite balcony and there is another thing with spending the night close to the ground, surrounded by the jungle’s sounds. Enjoying a holiday in Tulum has become synonim with “reconnecting with nature”, although many of the travelers coming to Tulum have seen the jungle only from the airplane’s window.

Easy to understand, as we all need a minimum of comfort when relaxing on holiday. Going off grid is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’re like us: not really the adventurous camper who would skip a few showers just to live in a tent for a few days, with electricity becoming a deluxe comodity and a soft pillow just some accessory for little girls.

Luckily for us, there is an alternative that takes what’s best from both worlds: the comfy worry free accomodation placed right in the middle of Tulum’s jungle.

Glamping is a rather young holiday concept, addressing our need for comfort (for holidays, at least :D) in stunning locations all over the world, otherwise pretty unhabitable.  Glamourous camping may mean a luxurious eco lodge right in the middle of the jungle. Or a spacious yurta somewhere in the tundra. Or an amazing tepee tent overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

For those in search of glamping in Tulum, there are a few options spread within the jungle. Each of these sites adopted their unique style and propose their own take of what luxury means when it comes to camping. Or glamping, in Tulum style 🙂

We did a small research to present you 3 excellent options for going off the beaten path A class: glamping in Tulum.



Harmony Glamping Tulum

nativus glamping tulum

Conveniently placed close to the city, the Harmony complex features a few huts as well as spacious tents that provide hard floors. What’s interesting is their eco attitude when it comes to the surrounding environment: water recycling stations, eco friendly materials and a low plastic usage on site. The luxury side comes in the form of free WiFi, luxury bed linen and local organic shampoo and soap. Prices start from as low as 25 USD per night.



Nativus Tulum

lumapi glamping tulum

These guys took the glamping business to the next level: a few elegant tents scatttered around a own private dock, with access to a cenote (!!)  Yes, you read it well! Each tent comes equiped with a wooden bathroom and a huge king size bed. That’s glamping level 108! Prices start from 140 USD per night.



lumapi glamping tulum

We left the most glamourous glamping in Tulum for last. Started as a single family business, Lumapi Glamping claims to be 100% sustainable & ecological. Located 6 miles away from Tulum, the eco glamping features 6 cabanas, each of them decorated in their own unique style and built with the smallest impact to the surrounding jungle. They come with an outdoor shower and a really spartan furniture, to provide just the basic needs. It’s camping with a “glam” attached to it, remember? Clients have access to WiFi, a fully equiped kitchen and a superb pool. Prices start around 35 USD per night.

Ready to start your adventure in Tulum? Give us a shout 😉

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