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Tulum Ruins & Snorkeling

Tulum Ruins, cenote and reef snorkeling

Snorkel or dive into ancient caves and witness history in the making while exploring the creation of stalactites and stalagmites or observe the majestic sea turtles, manta rays and a wide variety of fish in some of the many beautiful natural reefs along the coast.
The only Mayan city built on the coast of the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, Tulum dates as far back as the thirteenth century. A seaport for trading turquoise and jade, the ruins acted as the Mayans connection to the outside world. They’re a symbol of the entire region which makes them a must see if you are in Tulum.

It is not well known that in front on Tulum’s main beach you will find one of the area’s greatest snorkeling spots. The rich underwater life near the reef is colonized by countless numbers of fish, sponges and even sea turtles. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also go snorkeling in the nearby cenotes, a series of caves that connect to the world’s three largest underwater rivers: the Dos Ojos system, Sac Actun system and the Ox Bel Ha.