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SPA, Wellness & Holistic

Spa, Wellness & Holistic


All that cenote diving might put a little pressure on your muscles. Should you want to take a day off and truly feel the perks of being on holiday, we recommend pampering yourself with a world-class massage. We will be more than happy to make arrangements for a private session with a personal therapist or give you a detailed list of all the surrounding massage parlors.


If you’re looking to blow off some steam, you should know that Tulum offers an extended range of extremely well-prepared spa centers. Covering countless relaxing activities, it would be a shame not to treat yourself to a day of bodily delights. Let us know what kind of practices you would be interested in or ask us to send you a list of all the facilities.


No need to take a break from your regular practice. If you are more interested in holistic wellness and would love to get a taste of the Yoga community of Tulum, we can direct you to various centers. There you will get the chance of meeting some of the loveliest, most experienced local practitioners that would be more than excited to introduce you to their routine.

Fitness personal trainer

Keeping up with your gym routine can prove to be a real challenge while on vacation. Not in this case. Our company has access to a wide range of fitness trainers with whom we can organize private training sessions. From weight lifting to CrossFit or general fitness, we got you covered. Let us know in advance what kind of training you’re looking for so that we can book your trainer in advance.

Sound Healing

A relaxing experience for body, mind, and spirit. Sound vibrations can act as an enhancer to our brain waves and can even activate the pineal gland, enabling us to access higher levels of consciousness, mystical states and making us more aligned with our physical, emotional and spiritual self-healing. A chance for you to relax and reconnect with your deeper essence.