We Found Out Why DelCielo Serves The Best Breakfast In Tulum

Practicing yoga in the middle of the jungle. Sun bathing upon the late afternoon hours. Bike riding under the palm trees shades. Climbing a bit of ancient history at the Mayan ruins. This would cover a small part of the activities list when you’re in Tulum. Yet, you forget one of the most important things: you cannot enjoy all these on an empty stomach. We know we can’t: our services related to property management in Tulum require a lot of effort so we usually start our working days with a complete breakfast.

And one of the places where you can taste Tulum in full flavour is DelCielo. Located right in the middle of Tulum, DelCielo started as a bakery back in 2015. Soon, their freshly baked amazing bread and pastry products became an integral part of DelCielo’s breakfast & brunch menu. As good news travel fast, especially when we talk about amazing food, the small restaurant quickly turned itself into a meeting point for locals and tourists alike. DelCielo has expanded its working hours, now covering also the evening hours with light dishes to give you the energy you need.

For Matej Cervenka, Tulum was love at first sight. This happenned 20 years ago, when Tulum was a small fishermen village and there was no need for property management services in Tulum. An experienced traveler (owning a travel agency comes usually with this “difficult” task of wandering all around the globe :D), Mato resonated instantly with Tulum’s vibe so he decided to stay here for a while. The DelCielo idea came up naturally, when he met the right people and discovered the perfect spot. So, it was about time to find out the whole story and discover the main reason he fell in love with Tulum.


EssentiAll Tulum: How was your life before the Tulum experience?

Mato: I had an incentive travel agency before. I was extensively traveling around the world. I would say that this quote pretty much defines my life: “So much of who we are is where we have been.”

How did you discover Tulum?

Mato: I had a friend in Mexico for 20 years.  He took me to Riviera Maya, but always to posh places that didn’t click with me. Once, on the way from Merida to the Cancun airport we stopped in Tulum. For my Mexican friend it was just a fishing village, but for me it was love at the first sight. I remember the moment like it was today. We were sitting at the beach of Be Tulum, drinking champagne with my 2 friends (that’s how much fresas we were back then). I’ve heard the sea calling me, so I jumped in the water and then I woke up half an hour later about 500 meters towards the reserve and I knew this is the place. I came back one month later to stay at the Papaya Playa Project – a pop up design hotel, where I met some very interesting people, all the way from Berlin, so I decided to stay.


EssentiAll Tulum: Do you remember the moment when you first got the idea of opening DelCielo?

Mato: Yes I do. I’ve never really wanted a coffee shop in town. The first two times I came to Tulum as a tourist I didn’t even know pueblo exists. I always wanted a restaurant at the beach road and I was very close to signing the contract. I was already creating the menu, but I was missing some good bread. Then I saw a nice couple selling this amazing bread from canasta at Frida’s organic market. We started to talk and they told me the fascinating story of german bakers who came to Mexico with their big proper ovens to bake german bread in the Mexican jungle. I got so fascinated I told them they deserve a shop in town and I would like to do it. So we started as a bakery shop and later, step by step, we started to add some breakfast dishes on the menu. It didn’t take long to realize we turned into a restaurant. Now we have our own bakery with big production, we doubled our seating capacity and we serve dinner, also 🙂



EssentiAll Tulum: Define DelCielo in a few words

Mato: Welcome Home Baby


EssentiAll Tulum: Why do you think people return to DelCielo to eat?

Mato: The food, service, atmosphere, design. And also because it became a meeting point: I love to see restaurants busy. At the end, it’s the people who create the vibe.



EssentiAll Tulum: 3 ingredients a breakfast needs to have in order to be called a Tulum breakfast

Mato: Mango, avocado, coffee



EssentiAll Tulum: Your favourite breakfast.

I know this sounds funny but I really don’t have a favorite plate on the menu. I selfishly did the DelCielo menu (card) for myself, according to my mood: egg dishes, bowls or tartines. But now you can find my own plate on the menu: Mato’s bowl: little salad with guacamole and feta cheese, two sunny side up eggs with fresh tomato sauce with olive oil and rye bread. People were asking me what am I having and asked for the same, so we’ve decided to put it on the menu and soon became one our most popular plates.



EssentiAll Tulum: The smoothie recipe that fits perfectly at DelCielo

Mato: Green smoothie DelCielo – spinach, nopal, celery, parsley, mint, cucumber, pineapple, chia seeds, lime, honey



EssentiAll Tulum: The thing you love most in Tulum

The nature, the people, the energy.


EssentiAll Tulum: The thing you hate the most

Mato: Pollution and greed


EssentiAll Tulum: When you feel like listening to some good music in the evening, where do you go?

Mato: Uff… I used to be a DJ, yet now I am more into my morning mantras haha. Just joking 🙂 Although now I am more chilled, I am very open to anything, from raggaeton at Swing Caribe, Fruity Friday, to a concert at Batey. Still, I am a very hommey person, I like to stay at my home.

EssentiAll Tulum: DelCielo in 10 years from now.

Mato: I hope it will keep the same spirit and will stay the same.

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